Security for Rails Developers

Duration: Full day

Tue 9th:

Wed 10th:


Rails, optimized for programmer happiness and secure by default, sounds great! But then you got your hands on the code, made some changes (pasted from the all-knowing stack overflow). Maybe your tests aren't the only thing failing now...

This course aims to teach you how to keep your app safe from those peskypen-testershackers. Starting with covering common web application vulnerabilities in a general sense, we'll then dive into ways in which security can go wrong with Rails. Next you will break some vulnerable Rails apps and fix them.

Upon finishing this course you’ll have an understanding of the classes of security vulnerabilities and where things tend to go wrong. I guarantee that when you go back to work after recovering from your post-con hangover you'll find holes to fix in your own Rails apps ;)

Companies, please consider the paid option. Priority on the free course will be given to only one person from each company.


  • Laptop.
  • Rails environment setup.
  • Ruby on Rails experience.