- by hyprwired & comradpara

0x0: Intro

The year is 1989 - a year of innovations and technological marvels. For the first time in human history we can connect to the internet via standard TCP/IP protocol using our beloved 9600bits/s (wow, such speed!) dial up modem. Rapid advancements in technology have finally freed us from the burdens of manual labour, our robotic servants are able to automate mundane tasks with unparalleled precision. The future truly is here and we are glad that you are onboard!

Welcome to the Technocratic Republic of Hamiltr0n, enjoy your stay. Please find attached the address of your designated place of residence, and fo vfs_kern_mount +0x93/0xa0 SS:ESP 0068:f64bec8
/usr/local/bin/nvram_load: Segmentation fault
nvram file system corrupted

*********************** SYSTEM HALTED ***********************
*********************** SYSTEM RESTARTED ***********************

10 Hey you, something strange is happening here in Hamiltr0n. 
20 City isn't what it used to be. 
30 Large corporations in control of everything - power, water, food, news, you name it. 
40 No one ever enters or leaves the corporation campuses, yet the services are undisrupted.
50 People investigating this have been disappearing, lost a few good friends here.
60 I think the machines are taking over.
70 Help us, find out what is really happening here.
80 We opened a few back channels for you into their systems.
90 Save us, save Hamiltr0n


0x1: Info
HAMILTR0N::NO CARRIER is a jeopardy style CTF, with flags aimed at all skill levels. Never hacked anything in your life? No problem. Does it rain uid 0 when you touch a keyboard? Rest assured, there will be flags to challenge you too.

There will be a wide range of challenges in HAMILTR0N::NO CARRIER, including:
	- Cryptography
	- Exploitation
	- Forensics
	- Networking
	- Reverse Engineering
	- Web Applications

0x2: Requirements
- Bring along a laptop; connectivity via ethernet and WiFi will be avaiable
- Be prepared for whatever hits said laptop from the CTF network
- All the tools you need can be found in a copy of Kali (http://www.kali.org/)
- We'll have a bunch of flash drives with bootable Kali and Kali VMs ready to go

0x3: Danger, High Voltage!
- Please refer to the Kiwicon code of conduct (https://www.kiwicon.org/faq/code-of-conduct/); tldr; Don't be a shitweasel
- The organisers accept no responsibility for any loss of data on, or damage to, devices connected to the CTF network; using your laptop full of corp data is probably not a great idea
- All organisations and persons involved are merely fictional, any relation to real life is purely a coincidence

0x4: Dates + Times
- The CTF will kick-off at 1300 NZDT on Thursday 11th, and finish up no later than 1300 NZDT on Friday the 12th.

0x5: Prizes