After Kiwicon 5 demonstrated that even a bunch of hackers can run an e-commerce store, Kiwicon is no longer the dodgy cash-only operation it once was. (Now it has Bitcoin support... which is perhaps dodgier?)

To come to Kiwicon, you must buy a ticket on the website (or, if you're special, complete the shopping process using a magic code that we've given you) and fill in the details required. The payment process uses Bitcoin, or PayPal, so you can pay with any mechanism they support - credit card or your existing PayPal account's ill-gotten gains from your endeavors at "affiliate marketing". If you're not familiar with PayPal, this means that we at no time actually get your credit card number...unless we'd pre-owned PayPal, which, for the record, we haven't. Also, before you rage, remember you don't actually have to set up a PayPal account - you can just click "continue without creating an account" and use it like a normal CC processing gateway. If you're deeply philosophically opposed to Paypal, then you're presumably adequately motivated to find a Kiwicon Crue member on IRC or email and arrange to slip us some cash for a discount code to use here. 

Once you've bought a ticket you have to pick it (and any merch) up at the Con, or on the Wednesday evening before at Early Registration. If you're not coming to the con, we can't ship you merch, cause we're just not that sophisticated.

If you did not receive a confirmation email, you probably did not actually purchase a ticket, or, more likely, you can't spell your own email address. You might wanna check up on this before booking travel arrangement.

If you're a corporate buying 6+ tickets, and doing PayPal transactions is complicated, then we can probably arrange for you to transfer us the money directly. We'll give you a set of one time discount codes for each of your staff to use when registering. Drop us a line at, and we can arrange this. Bear in mind that this is a manual process, and we've all got full time jobs, so it might be wise not to leave this till the last minute, or expect Amway-grade fervor.

Answers To Your Shopping Related Questions

Q: Do I get a GST receipt?

A: Yes. Previously we did not have a GST number, but we didn't appreciate getting laughed at by the IRD. Now we're totes legit. We have an accountant (although she laughed at us too. As did the bank. I wonder what we're doing so wrong?)

Q: Can I buy merch separately from a ticket?

A: Sure can.

Q: Can I buy merch at the con instead of pre ordering?

A: No. Hoodies are made to order. Tshirts, maybe - we will have some unallocated tshirts, but demand is always high. If you want one, order it online.

Q: Can I pay cash instead?

A: If you're making a >=6 ticket order, then, yes contact us via email like it says above, and we can issue you with a discount code for each person you've paid for to use to complete the ordering process.

Q: Can I buy more than one ticket at once?

A: Yes. Our eCommerce-o-tron has been upgraded with magic pony power to support this kind of multi-ticketing madness.

Q: Oooh, discount codes, I'm gonna hax joo!

A: Sure, buddy, sure. Our has an itchy trigga finga. Do not taunt it, for it is quick to anger.

Q: Shopping is hard. I have a question...

A: Direct all questions to