LittleHackMe v2.0

Tue 9th:

Wed 10th:


Walking around a security con, you see fierce keyboard warriors doing battle with devilish technical challenges. Some call it scary. Some call it a CTF.

LitteHackMe is basically the polar opposite. This is a stomping ground for the rest of you who want to pick up some new knowledge and skills. Everything is designed to be run within a web browser, so you just need to bring a laptop - or even a smartphone/tablet if you're really keen.

Key points:

  • We'll be running a presentation to go over knowledge you'll need. We don't assume any prior knowledge.
  • Full tutorials will be on the hackme website. This includes all the answers to every challenge. Who cares if you get the answer and use it to work backwards. Learn how you want to learn.
  • The challenges are aiming for breadth rather than depth to maintain fun. This ain't no hardcore course - but it'll teach you concepts.
  • Niresh and Nick will wander around to answer questions. Just wave your hand like you just don't care.
  • We will make no attempt to identify you. There is no scoreboard. Anyone who finishes first can claim bragging rights - not that we'd be able to back up your claims
  • All wireless clients will be isolated from each other as a safety net. Anyone caught setting up a fake AP will be asked to bugger off.
  • New challenges will created above what was run recently during ISIG Wellington.


Wifi capable device with a web browser