Electronic Security Systems Basics

Tue 9th:

Wed 10th:


For most people, electronic security systems seem about as interesting as a kitchen appliance. Type your code in to set the system, type your code in to unset the system … go collect your home and contents insurance discount.

This training aims to change your mind about these weirdly diverse, yet functionally similar, electronic alarm systems. We will “pop the hood” on a couple of commercially available, domestic alarm systems (not from Bunnings*) and introduce you to some of their basic features and quirks.

You will learn:

  • a brief history of some systems installed in NZ. Some of the differences, and similarities of various alarm system families, both domestic and commercial systems.
  • how these systems are generally wired up and programmed. Decoding alarm manuals.
  • the vocab and tools knowledge you will need, to talk electronic security.
  • test your new found knowledge by solving the “real scenarios” quiz at the end of the training!

This training will be a whirlwind, beginners tour of that “other side of security”, so, if the terms End of Line, Overrides, Tamper, Bond Sense, Positive Common, Default, and Zone doubling are unfamiliar, then you will learn something by attending this training.

Who this training is for:

  • Electronic security beginners.
  • Software Defined Radio geeks. (There will be a wireless alarm system* to play with).

[*not from Bunnings comment references Silvio Cesares great research on Hardware store alarm systems http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TMpHB-pWseM