Consulting Like a Boss

Duration: full day

Wed 10th:


So you've landed a 1337 google dork against a fortune 500... so... whats next? one of the biggest issues in infosec is not the lack of technical know how or the goatse grade security holes but the inability to articulate said issues to the サラリーマン who actually has the power to fix.

The intention of this course is to equip the average H@XXOR who feels uncomfortable with the business side of infosec with the skills to interact with other human beings and ensure that constructive progress is made for glorious benefit of humanity. This course will look at:

  • theories behind structure, management and why you really really need to consult like a boss
  • corporate and community impressions as well as developing ones professional portfolio
  • communicating in the written form (reports, emails and advisories that don't make you look like an arse)
  • presentation skills and verbal communication