The Scene

A crafty hacker finds themselves... 6th time unlucky... captured by some of those dodgy shearer types in the sprawling wilderness that is Te Kuiti. Unknown to the lovers of woolly beasts, the ever-prepared champion of freedom has managed to stash their trusty lock picks in their socks and is about to make their escape. Are you up for the challenge? Lateral Security and D.Roc proudly present the Te Kuiti Warrior Challenge - PART 6!
This is a lock picking competition to be run alongside the drinks at the conference venue on Thursday night. Contestants will be handcuffed in a cell and will be required to circumvent multiple locks in order to gain their freedom. Each task will have three levels of difficultly so the event will be noob-friendly. The entire run is timed and points are awarded for each task.

The Prize


The Rules

  1. You have a maximum of five minutes to complete the run.
  2. You don't have to complete all the tasks - any completed tasks will count towards your score.
  3. You can mix and match difficulties per task and attempt tasks multiple times.
  4. You can skip any task to move onto another one (once free of the handcuffs).
  5. Only the highest level completed per task will be counted towards your score.
  6. Any seconds left on the clock after completion are converted to bonus points (1 point/second).
  7. Purposefully breaking locks and other challenge material may result in penalties or disqualification.
  8. Only your first run counts for the prize.
There are seven tasks: five lock challenges and two bonus challenges (guard and ninja).
For the lock challenges, the bottom lock is easiest, the top lock is hardest.
For the bonus challenges, more points may be awarded for impressing the staff or the crowd.
For handcuffs, the difficulties are:
Easy - Single-locked cuffs with wrists in front of you
Medium - Single-locked cuffs in back -or- double-locked cuffs in front
Hard - Double-locked cuffs with wrists behind your back
Lameness - Only half points will be awarded if you use a proper handcuff key
For the guard challenge, you must take out the guard. The difficulties are:
Easy - Disable the guard where they stand
Medium - Take basic steps to restrain or hide the guard
Hard - Totally secure and leave no trace of the guard
For the ninja challenge, you get points for inconspicuousness. The difficulties are:
Easy - Leave behind no tools or belongings that could identify you
Medium - Take steps to not look suspicious when heading to freedom
Hard - Fully clothe yourself as one of your captors and leave no trace