Dec. 9, 2014 4:54 p.m.

Its almost Kiwicon 8 time! Everyone with a ticket should have got a mailout with the last minute details; we'll see you for early ticket pickup on Wednesday afternoon, or at the con Thursday and Friday. 

If you're around on Tusday night, join the training people, the Crue and friends at the Malthouse for Right Island Con

Door sales are available at the early pickup, and at the venue on Thursday and Friday, $100, cash only, until we sell out. Tshirts are available for purchase, also for cash only. You can visit Wellington's most skimmed ATM over the road at Readings Cinema... 

From here on in, this are gonna get pretty hectic for the Kiwicon Crue, and updating the website on the go is second priority to actually running the 'con.We'll be using @kiwicon on twitter to keep you appraised of things on the fly. 

Cyber on,


The Kiwicon Crue